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Pet Surgery

The thought of pet surgery can be intimidating to any pet parent. Surgeries like spaying and neutering are standard procedures for pets, but there may also be times when your pet requires surgery for more significant health issues. Our veterinary team at South Fraser Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC, has years of experience performing pet surgical treatments. Your pet is in excellent hands when you schedule pet surgery at our clinic. We are here to ensure your pet continues enjoying a high quality of life.

Bladder Surgery

Types of Pet Surgery

Our animal hospital offers several pet surgical treatments to improve or restore your pet’s health. These surgeries include:

•             soft tissue surgery

•             orthopedic surgery

•             elective and cosmetic surgery

•             tooth extractions

Soft tissue surgery can fix problems with your pet’s organs, such as bladder stone removal, tumor and mass removal, hernia repair, and foreign body removal to clear the intestinal tract.

Orthopedic surgery helps correct problems with your pet’s musculoskeletal system, such as fracture repair, ligament and ACL repair, and elbow and hip dysplasia.

Our elective surgery includes treatments like spay and neuter procedures, declawing, ear clipping, and tail docking. Spay and neuter surgery sterilizes your pet to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This treatment can also help prevent behavioral issues in your pet, such as aggression and roaming.

Tooth extractions eliminate damaged or infected teeth to preserve your pet's oral health.

What to Expect From Pet Surgery

We will perform a comprehensive exam that includes pre-surgical blood work to confirm your pet is in good health before surgery. We will postpone your pet’s surgery if we find hidden health issues that need resolving. We must ensure your pet has no health issues that would prompt a reaction to the anesthesia used during surgery.

Pet surgery requires the services of an experienced surgical team to get successful results. We will monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure no complications arise with the anesthesia. We will also monitor your pet’s recovery after surgery. Your pet may need to stay overnight for some surgeries, while other surgeries allow your pet to return home once the anesthesia wears off.

Your veterinarian will give you instructions for your pet’s home post-op care. We encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns about your pet’s recovery.

See Your Abbotsford, BC, Veterinarian for Pet Surgery

Pet surgery can be a scary time for both you and your pet, but you can put your worries to rest with the veterinary team at South Fraser Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC. We take the stress out of pet surgery by making it a positive, pain-free experience for you and your pet. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (604) 855-0770 to keep your pet healthy and happy.


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